Adult Therapy

We specialize in treating adults with various speech, language, voice and swallowing disorders. Our skilled clinicians are experienced in developing individualized treatment plans for each patient's specific diagnosis and goals.

Pediatric Therapy

We are now offering skilled pediatric therapy to provide therapeutic interventions aimed at maximizing your child's growth and progress. Our clinicians are experienced in treating neurological and developmental speech and language disorders, including feeding/swallowing and voice dysfunction.

NMES Swallowing Treatment

Northern Tides provides Neuromuscular Electric Stimulation treatment to strengthen muscles used during swallowing. This well researched  intervention has shown to restore safe swallow function more rapidly than traditional methods and significantly reduce risk of aspiration.


Our clinicians are certified in the evidence-based speech treatment for improving communication. LSVT LOUD was developed to improve communication disorders in people with Parkinson's Disease with applications to other neurological disorders as well.

"I have Parkinson's Disease and I see Steve for both cognitive and voice therapy. Since working with him I'm feeling more like my 'old self.' He challenges me and I really look forward to our sessions together." -Richard

"I have been working with Steve for the past few months to improve my cognitive and speech abilities. He is the most compassionate and skilled therapist I have had the privilege to work with. Steve has helped me in so many ways and has been instrumental in managing my Parkinson's symptoms." -Anise

"Steve has been the best voice therapist we have ever had. His LSVT LOUD training made my husband, who has Parkinson's, much louder. He also kept in contact with our ENT, so he knew what Skip was having done with his throat. A thorough, nice, caring man!" - Skip and Tommie

"After relapsing back into my stutter after over 10 years, Steve provided me with the strategies and training to control my stuttering symptoms. He gave me the confidence to live a normal life without the fear of a stutter. I cannot thank Steve enough for his help during our time together." -Tony

"Steve's help improving my voice and swallowing issues has far exceeded expectations. He developed a treatment plan specific to my needs and led to significant improvements. It was a pleasure to work with him." - Andy

"Stephen, thank you so much for helping me regain my voice abilities and getting back my confidence. What you do matters." -Mags

"I wanted you to know that you are a gift to Mary and our family. She responds so well to you and has come so far. Thank you!" -Mary

We were so glad we found you for Mike's LSVT LOUD program. He enjoyed working with you and is confident that he has the tools to carry forward his loud voice. - Mike and Laura K

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